PBY - Catalina

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Designator: PBY
Manufacturer: Consolidated
Year: 1935
Role: Long range reconnaissance and general purpose seaplane.
Quantity: Lots and lots
Origin: USA
Recipients: USAF, RAF, RCAF, RAAF.

I spotted this piece of aircraft in  PIMA's junkyard and thought I'd try and workout what is was. 

I figured it might be a Catalina and discovered a picture that turn out to be "Catalina - N322FA" in flying condition over what I think is Orville Airport in Northern California. The picture was in "Jane's Vintage Aircraft Recognition Guide, page 139".

I've asked, hopefully I'll get access to the picture and will discover a little more about the aircraft's history.

Photograph Information

Tail Number: N322FA

Model: Unknown

PIMA Air and Space Museum Tucson, AZ 85706


Model Recognition:  
I know nothing of the different models yet.
Copyright Mike Wardley, 2007