Glossary Of Terms

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This glossary is intended to amuse and provide help with the "jargon" used in avaition industry by pilots, maintenance and other industry people.

The quickest way to find a term is to click on [Edit] above, and then click on [Find] in the menu and then type in a unique word.

Term Definition
AAC - Army Air Corp This the part of the bristish army responsible for operating aircraft for the army. Usually part of armour formations and using helicopters. This not the USAAC which was the forrunner of the modern USAF.
RAAF - Royal Austrialian Air Force The abrevation used to the Royal Austrailian Air Force.
RAF - Royal Air Force The name used by her Britanic Magesty's forces that defend her Unidtedf Kingdoms defend air space. The modern force derived from the RFC
RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force The abrevation used to the Royal Canadian Air Force.
RFC - Royal Flying Corp Oringally part of the army and was the forerunner to the modern RAF. Mostly fought the first world war. Became RAF about 1919. The army retained an arm air in the form of the AAC.
USAAC - United States Army Air Corp Forerunner to the modern USAF. The USAAC fought World war two using some fairly well known bomber and fighter groups in europe.
USAF - United States Air Force Oringally part of the army as USAAC. We made a sparate arm of US forces in 1946 or there abouts.

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