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This web site is a dedicated to all men and women who have built, maintained or flown aircraft in whatever capacity.

Hopefully this site will help you find a specific aircraft, give honorable mention to the people associated with aircraft, and hopefully entertain and educate interested parties.

As always with this type of project, it usually remains incomplete and with lots errors. If you like the web site, find it is useful, have information or a picture to improve the content, then send it along and I'll update the page and credit you as the source.

If you have personal experience of a specific aircraft in whatever capacity, write it down and I'll attach your personal comments to the aircraft with your name and picture.

At the time of this update, there are were over 1975 aircraft in over 950 different types documented via more than 5600 photos on this site.

Click on the following link for a list of Aircraft Sorted by Name.  I've also added World Wide List of Aircraft Museums and a list of Aircraft Museums I've Visited

Enjoy !

PS - and if you're looking for my home build experimental project, look no further ----> Mike's PL-2 Project

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