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I'm a pilot and like most pilots am presented with events that make me say "what idiot would do that" or "good grief!!!"

I'm also lucky enough to have had a few good teachers over the years, some formal and some who just guided me. One of them is a Captain for American. He also flys an Ultralights and used to "talk  to me" when I was first learning to fly. I used to bring along events of the "what idiot would do that" kind and all we'd review them. We always end up at the same place where he's say "well do you think they wanted to get killed, probably not, they just let their ego get the better of them and didn't do whatever" and whatever could be not checking the fuel and running out 1 mile from touch down, flying into weather they didn't expect or were equip for or just failure to follow the check list resulting is a serious mistake like a control lock not being removed and then taking off or landing with the gear up..

The following videos, slide presentations and other pages where mailed to me and yes I did think "good grief" or "what idiot would do that" and then focus of whether my checklists would have saved me. Some may be a little slow to download because they are quite large. Click on the links below, Enjoy

Always check the Weather for SIGMETs  
Hail damaged T38s, ouch!!!!
Step back and look the whole aircraft over  
Check the side you can't see, carefully
You need two aircraft for an "air to air" collision  
Let the guy behind you land first!

The "Cornfield Bomber"
The USAF - The service that wrecks it equipment carefully

First there was this gun
American Creativity and Ingenuity at its best :o)
What if they'd been able to get this in to product...
We'd have shot them down as well, probably...
2,700HP Tail Dragger!!!
Flying as god intended it....
Things just break ! 
They brake faster if you abuse them.
Could this be a case of RTFM?

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