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There are lots and lots of aircraft museums in the world and I've only visited a few. They're listed below with my comments. 

I've also generated a Complete List Of Aircraft Museums that will take the rest of my life to visit and photograph their exhibits no doubt, unless of course you'd like to go for me and send me the pictures, all credit give to the photographer :o)


Museum and Location  Visited Comment
National Aviation Museum (Scotland)
Berkwick, UK
2011 A small museum with a unique exhibit.
Solvay Aircraft Museum
Carlisle, UK
2011 A small museum with the usual cold war exhibits including a Vulcan.
Midland Aircraft Museum
Coventry, UK
2010 A small museum with some very interesting exhibits. They are one of the more friendly museums I've been to and they are experts on Frank Whittal.
Museum of Berkshire Aviation
Woodley, Berkshire, UK
2010 Not the best museum in the world.
Gatwick Aircraft Museum
Gatwick, UK
2010 Not the best museum in the world, but worth the trip as they have two Shackletons.
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Dayton, OH
2009 Stunning collection with several unique items, including a XB-70!!!.  I was rushed and so did a really bad job of photographing their collection, I guess I'll just have to go back again. Oh and there is a nice vritual tour at
USS Midway Museum
San Diego, CA
2009 Nice collection and a great aircraft carrier.
March Field Air Museum
Riverside, California
2009 Large collection of aircraft with some very unusual and rare aircraft in the collection.
Blackbird Airpark/Air Force Plant 42 Production Flight Test Installation
Palmdale, California
2009 Nice collection of spy planes and great staff.
Joe Davies Heritage Airpark
Palmdale, CA 
2009 Nice collection and nice staff.
USS Hornet Museum
Alameda, CA
2009 Nice collection and a great aircraft carrier.
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
Pueblo, CO
2009 Nice collection and really great staff - I met Karl Koelblin there, he was a host and was most help with all sorts of information about the museum and it's exhibits. This museum has a couple of Rare Aircraft.
Wings Over the Rockies Aviation and Space Museum
Denver, CO
2009 Nice collection, I can recommend this museum. Mainly USAF and USAAC aircraft and they have couple of Unusual Exhibits in one of the three B2 - Lancers in captivity and a B23 - Bolo that is in excellent shape.
Hill AFB Aerospace Museum
Ogden, Utah
 2009 Interesting place with an excellent selection of mainly USAF and USAAC aircraft. Unique Exhibit - has one of two B2 - Lancers in captivity, I lied that would be three captivity :o)
Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre 
East Kirby, UK
 2008 Interesting place with a very nice Lancaster!
Newark Air Museum 
Newark, UK
 2008 Nice collection, I can recommend this museum.
Hendon RAF Museum 
London, UK


Nice museum, difficult staff. Not withstanding the people I can highly recommend this place.
Cosworth RAF Museum 
Staffordshire, UK
 2007 Great place, I can highly recommend this museum. They also have a few "Unique Exhibits".
Duxford Imperial War Museum 
Duxford Cambridgeshire, UK
 2007 Great place, I can highly recommend this museum, second only to PIMA so far.
Edwards AFB
California, USA
 2007 Great place because the NASA visitors centre is there. There are also two SR71s you can see. Definitely worth a trip.
El Paso Warbird Museum
New Mexico, USA 
 2007 I discovered this place by accident traveling through from California to Texas. It's actually on an airport so you could fly in if you wanted. They have a great collection including a P38, P40 and P51. They also have an interesting collection of cars. I can recommend the people here as particularly friendly and they have a couple of "Unique Exhibits".
Estrella Warbird Museum
Paso Robles, California, USA
 2007 This is located on Paso Robles airport and close to my home so I few down for the day. They have a nice collection, but what I found unusual was they do a lot of restoration back to flying condition. They have an Navion that was a complete wreck that I'm told will be restored. As I talked to folks there it became apparent they know a lot about restoration and are happy to share. Nice, knowledgeable and very entertaining people.
Lone Star Flight Museum
Texas, USA 
 2007 Nice museum, difficult staff. Not withstanding the people I can highly recommend this place.
Palm Springs Air Museum
Palm Springs, USA 
 2007 Nice museum, great staff, I can highly recommend this place.
Yorkshire Air Museum
Yorkshire, UK
 2007 Nice little museum in the cold north. "Unique Exhibit" - has one of two existing Halifax bombers that still exist.
Yoville RNFAA Museum
Summerset, UK
 2007 Great place, I can highly recommend this museum. Excellent helpful knowledgeable staff and several "Unique Exhibits"
Sunderland Aircraft Museum
Tyne and Wear, UK
 2007 Nice little museum in the cold north. Has a very nice Vulcan on display.
PIMA Air and Space Museum
Arizona, USA
The mother of all aircraft museums. It takes days to walk around because they have so much stuff, take your wife and get revenge for all that shopping. Pima even has a Blenheim, I was stunned when I was it. All that said, they don't have a B36. 

One other minor thing, they're also in the middle of several very large aircraft bone yards. I thought it best if I only looked longingly through the fence at them because if I'd gotten in I may never have come out :o)
Castle Air Museum
California, USA
 2006 Great place to visit and has an excellent collection, including an Vulcan. I flew into Castle Airport, called the museum and they sent a shuttle for me. Very nice people and great museum. Castle airport used to be an AFB for B52s, so the museum has acquired a great collection of B-bombers including B17, B18, B23, B24, B25, B29, B36, B47, B52 and a B57. "Unique Exhibit" - has the only complete B36 - Peacemaker I've seen.
CFA Museum: Arizona
 2006 This the home base of the B17 "Sentimental Journey" . They have the nicest F4 I've seen to date and the have the most amazing maintenance hanger setup you can look around. When I was there they had a B25 in pieces.
Travis Air Museum
California, USA
 2005 Another great place to visit. The folks at the US Air Force have always made me feel welcome, and they also have a great selection of aircraft. They also have a few "Unique Exhibits" I've not seen anywhere else.

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