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Unfortunately this feature does not exist yet because I've not written it. However, the plan is to allow you to search by selecting from the criteria below:

Tail number ;variable field
- Name ;variable field

- Designator: ;F this, B that, A other. format is letter and numbers, no spaces or hyphens e.g. "F58"

- Engine type: Jet, Prop
- Number of engines: one, two, etc...
- Wing type: High, low, mid, Bi, Tri

- Category of aircraft: Attack, Bomber, fighter, Transport, Spotter, Helicopter or Seaplane

- Manufacturer: ;variable field
- County of origin: ;variable field

- Period: Pre-1919, 1919-1939, Post-1939.

If you think I've got the searching criteria wrong, then drop me a line and tell me, it's much easier to fix it now, than after I've coded it. All comments welcome, not necessarily appreciated, but definitely welcome :o)

Copyright Mike Wardley, 2007