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Designator: S.E.5
Manufacturer: Royal Aircraft Factory
Year: 1916
Role: Fighter
Crew: 1
Quantity: 5265
Origin: United Kingdom
Recipients: RFC, USAAC, RCAF

I'm fairly sure my picture is of a replica, rather than the real thing. However having said that, is a real nice replica and the overal museum is worth the trip by itself.

Photograph Information

Tail Number: 589D

Model: ?

Arizona Wing CAF
Mesa, AZ 85215, USA

Recognition Tip:
-Single seater
-The fusilage is raised and comes up behind the pilot to the level of his head.
-Pilot is located toward the back of the fusilage ie. the middle.
-Square nose cowling, especially at the front behind the prop.

There does not appear to be more tham one type.
Copyright Mike Wardley, 2007